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About Us

Welcome to Nordic Fly, and to Vintjärn, a small village deep in the Dalarna woods. Our home page, which you have just stumbled across, deals mainly with fishing, fly-tying and our business, which has given us a modest income for twenty odd years. Since its start in the early 1980’s we have persistently produced fishing flies, held lectures with slide shows, attended fairs, written articles and made numerous translation jobs on various subjects. Since moving to our 19th century log cabins in Dalarna, life has taken on a more relaxed pace. The softly murmuring forests give peace to the soul. As darkness falls millions of stars sparkle in the sky and the city is a galaxy away. If you happen to pass our village, you are always welcome to a cup of coffee and a fishing yarn – you don’t even have to buy a fly!

Fly tying is my profession - a nice job, although it means producing flies all day, every day for most of the year. It has not made me rich, but like a well prepared dry fly I have kept afloat, and have never been without food on the table, a roof above my head or gas for my car. There is one drawback though. As a full time tier my own fishing has been limited, especially during spring and autumn. After moving back to my childhood home, this is no longer a problem. In the vast woodlands surrounding the village there are numerous lakes, streams and brooks. Fishing for a few hours involves no major preparations or lengthy drives. To be quite honest, my productivity has declined somewhat due to the “call of the wild”. Who wants to wear out the seat of his pants when the loon is crying on the lake, mayflies are dancing and the window is open to sweet smelling forests and marshland?
After many years, and thousands of flies you naturally develop a personal style. My specialty is flies in odd materials like cork and balsa wood. Recently I have taken a particular interest in tying streamers, poppers and deer hair lures for pike fishing. My best flies are tied while listening to jazz. Scott Hamilton, Dexter Gordon, Billie Holliday and a dozen others give me a good tying rhythm and may transform a grey and dreary Monday morning into a productive and enjoyable workday.

If you are interested in my flies, like to swap ideas about fly tying or want to share a fishing story, please give me a call or send me a mail or letter.


After living in USA and Mexico for nearly thirty years, I have become fluent in two more languages, English, my second mother tongue along with everyday Spanish. Talking with friends and housekeepers, going to the market, etc. introduced me to a language slightly spiced up with chili, if not always grammatically correct.

Returning to Sweden after many years, I found that my Swedish, although still correct, was not quite up to date. A language is like a living organism - constantly changing with new words and expressions appearing - and old ones forgotten. From TV- programs, new children's books and other literature, public debates, etc., new phrases are born, which may be unfamiliar to an "exile". It did not take long to catch up with new trends.

When I began to work on translations, I became accustomed to write on a variety of subjects, Film texts, tourist brochures, medical studies, technical translations, business presentations, sports events, community issues, personal letters and CV's, websites, and, in my case especially, fishing articles. A series in the magazine "Atlantic Salmon Review" enriched my knowledge and gave insights into the hardships of the migrating salmon and some important environmental issues.

The color spectrum of a language is nearly as broad as nature itself. Finding the right nuances is imperative when it comes to translation work. An erroneous word may cause misunderstandings or add a sense of ridicule to a serious business idea.

As a hobby, I enjoy making feather earrings from Rolf's most colorful fly tying material, and in time for Christmas, I start knitting gnomes,

(Santa's little helpers) which have become favorite gifts among my friends and family.


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