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Welcome to Nordic Fly, and to Vintjärn, a small village deep in the woods of Dalarna. Our home page, which you have just stumbled across, deals mainly with fishing, fly-tying and our business, which has given us a modest income for twenty odd years. Since its start in the early 1980’s we have persistently produced fishing flies, held lectures with slide shows, attended fairs, written articles and made numerous translation jobs on various subjects. Since moving to our 19th century log cabins in Dalarna, life goes on at a more relaxed pace. The softly murmuring forest gives peace to the soul. As darkness falls, millions of stars sparkle in the sky and the city is a galaxy away. If you happen to pass our village, you are always welcome to a cup of coffee and a fishing yarn – you do not even need to buy a fly!



Rolf and Bibi Ahlkvist
Vintjärn 4249
790 23 Svärdsjö

+46(0)246 62046


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